Jacob’s Peter Pan in Neverland Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Disney’s Peter Pan Theme Party Ideas


“So come with me where dreams are born and time is never planned. Just think of happy things and your heart will fly on wings forever…” – JM Barrie

What child wouldn’t want to be a daring hero and fly from one adventure to the next like Peter Pan, in the Disney version of the timeless tale of a boy that never grows old? For Jacob’s mom and dad, it’s the perfect theme for their darling little boy who is celebrating his first birthday. Party planner extraordinaire Bespoke Manila must have used a sprinkle or two of pixie dust so Jacob and his family could enjoy this fairytale first birthday in Neverland.

In honor of Jacob’s first birthday, Neverland adventure invitations were delivered to friends and family, giving them a sneak preview of the special day.


Children really adore dressing up and posing as their favorite fairytale characters. At Jacob’s party, his young guests can choose to be the brave Peter Pan or pretend to be the swashbuckling Captain Hook with his pirate hat and iron hook. Before flying out to the day’s wonderful adventure, the girls can put on green fairy wings and sprinkle a dash of pixie dust.


The stage is reminiscent of the hangman’s tree, Peter Pan and the Lost Boys’ lair, deep in Neverland. Could the entrance to the lair be behind the wall of Calathea, fern, and Philodendron leaves? It’s easy to imagine Peter and his friends making a sudden appearance and surprising the guests.

stage_2085stage_2025 copy

On the tables, cream tablecloths with coffee brown runners are combined with refreshing, all-foliage arrangements of English ivy, split-leaf Philodendron, leatherleaf fern, soft green bells of Ireland, and white Statice all placed in a wooden box. Fairy lights in a tall, glass jar make a charming addition to this beautiful arrangement.


Several low tables and cushions were set up close to the stage for Jacob’s friends. Leaves were arranged in rustic chic bottles tied in twine, and fairy lights were placed in a tall glass jar on the tables. Crayons and sheets of coloring activities were also laid out much to the children’s enjoyment.

kiddie table_2157kiddie table_2153

Imagine Jacob’s delight as everyone sang to him a happy birthday song with this towering three-tier cake that screams, “Peter Pan”! The first layer is covered in bright red fondant, illustrating Captain Hook’s red coat. Across this is the captain’s gold baldric, and towards the top is his white cravat. The second layer of cake is the villainous captain’s ship, the Jolly Roger, in brown and cream-colored fondant. The topmost layer is covered in green fondant and designed to look like Peter Pan’s tunic. A strip of brown fondant makes the sword belt that holds Peter’s dagger. The cake topper is Tick-Tock the Crocodile who chases after Captain Hook throughout the story. What a cake! – it must have tasted as wonderful as it looked.


Matching the cake, the dessert corner was filled with an array of sweet delights enough to send the guests to seventh heaven. There were sugar cookies, cake pops, glazed donuts, and cupcakes with buttercream frosting made for the ultimate sugar rush. Milk served in vintage glass bottles was the perfect pair for every confection. It’s magic straight from the ovens of Sugarplum Pastries!


Jacob’s young guests were a captive audience when a group dressed as Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Wendy, and Captain Hook joined the party to sing and dance for them! To add to the fun, the children had the opportunity to choose amazing tattoo designs and wear them for a day. Not only that, but they also took home a number of fantastic party giveaways including a jump rope, rainbow-colored slinky, and jackstones in handy canvass tote bags.


In Peter Pan’s words, “to live will be an awfully big adventure.” And Jacob has just started an adventure of his own. May life teach him faith, and trust in himself and in others, and like Peter, may his “heart fly on wings thinking of the happiest things”!


Vendors who made it all happen:
Planning and coordination: Bespoke Manila | Event Styling: Sweet Nest Events | Photography: Happy Folks Studio | Cake: Sugarplum Pastries | Cookies and other desserts: Jipan | Face Painting and Entertainment: Party Starters| Food Cart: Fruits in Ice Cream, Potato Corner | Caterer: The Creamery

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