Hip Postal Mail Theme Party Ideas – Editorial shoot

Hello! For Party Doll Manila’s 3rd blogiversary, I decided to pool together my dream team and make our own editorial. Welcome to Party Doll Manila’s first ever editorial shoot!

To say that I’m excited to feature it here is an understatement. The dream team composed of Dianne Khu Designs as the head stylist, Sweet Creations by Mums [for the desserts], 8 Spoons Catering [food] and Pinwheel Crafts [invitations], Stanley Ong Photography and Lemon Three Films to capture every wonderful details – we’re bringing back the time when love letters, “sealed with a kiss” statements, high priority mails and mail boxes were a thing

With a huge milestone like PDM’s first editorial shoot, the theme had to be fresh, quirky and 100% PDM approved. Postal Mail-themed party has always been one of my dream party themes. It has the perfect amount of old school vibe and charm without making it feel dated. A little tweak of color scheme here or a little addition of a delicate applique is all you need to bring it to the hip and modern times.

PINWHEEL CRAFTS is one of my go-to suppliers for unique and extraordinary invitations. Check out these small parcel filled with detail cards and a cute wooden mail keychain. I’m sure the receiving end of this adorable invitation will be delighted to get one.

invites (2)invites (1)

Upon entering the venue, you will think “Post Office”! This setup was cleverly designed not only for registration area but also a place where guests can deposit, drop or leave their packages aka gifts for the celebrant. From the huge envelope signage on top of the booth to the envelope buntings, it all really tied up to the theme! Take a closer look at the “abaca” dog. Editor’s Note: Dianne, you got me with this set. This is, by far, my favorite!

entranceentrance (1)entrance (3)entranceA

Our main setup featured a fun mix of cute details and fun color scheme. Using retro red mail boxes against the teal backdrop, the set instantly created a warm and happy feel! I think Mr. Sun and all those little birds perched on top of the mailboxes add to the cheeriness of the theme.

main (4)main (2)main (5)main (3)main (8)

Pink and blue chevron paper lanterns with paper tassel tails and envelop shaped buntings are the perfect ceiling embellishment!

table (4)

Dianne Khu brought a small lunchbox with stamps all over it and used it as a second layer of a wooden riser. Above it, a 3D mailbox with flowers peeking out adorned the table setup as centerpiece. Check out those “envelope table napkins”. They made perfect table accents to this theme, very cute indeed. The white resin chairs by Reserv complemented the set wonderfully.

table (3)table (6)table (1)

Don’t you just love it when everything matches with the theme? I definitely do! 8 Spoons Catering made this lovely setup to tie up with the theme perfectly. The buffet table details matched the theme too. What a feast for the eyes and for the tummy!

food (3)food (10)food (2)food (5)

To further amp up the theme, let us not forget the giveaways and party activity suggestions.


Check out these “Sealed with a kiss” and “You’re my type” personalized pillows by Confetti Shop. Also, your adult guests will love these sweet-scented themed lotions and soaps from Eunoia Events PH.

giveaways (1)giveaways (6)giveaways (4)giveaways (5)

Decorate your mailbox, primp your messenger bag and post card making activities by Pinwheel Crafts and Smugzzle are some of the great ways to encourage your guests to express their artistic side.

activityactivity (2)activity (5)activity (7)

Of course, in a typical PDM fashion, no party will ever be complete without a gorgeous dessert spread. Sweet Creations by Mums went all out in making all these treats extra gorgeous. You should definitely see the cake, it’s not just a tiered cake but a Mailbox cake! I love how they made sure that all the treats were decorated to impress. I’ve tasted each variant in this setup and yes, they all taste as good as they look!

sweets (1)sweets (2)sweets (5)sweets (7)sweets (9)dessertsAsweets (11)sweets (15)sweets (16)sweets (19)sweets (22)sweets (28)dessertsB

A big, big, big thank you to Sampaguita Gardens for the very lovely venue and to Little Luli for Adree and Jana’s pretty dresses!

To seal this blog with a huge kiss, sharing with you guys this short video presentation by Lemon Three Films. Hope you like it as much as I do! Thank you for being with us for the past three years. May you never get tired of dreaming, creating and sharing beautiful parties with us!

Endless Gratitude to the Vendors who made it all happen:
Venue: Sampaguita Gardens // Stylist: Dianne Khu Designs // Photo coverage: Stanley Ong Photography // Video coverage: Lemon Three Films // Catering: 8 Spoons Catering // Cake and desserts: Sweet Creations by Mums // Invitations and activities: Pinwheel Crafts and Events // Giveaways: Confetti Shop by PDM, Eunioa Events PH and Smuggzle // Chairs: Reserv // Clothes: Little Luli // Makeup artist: HD Brows

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