Hannah’s Boho Chic Themed Party – Baby Shower

Welcoming a baby into the family is the best thing that can happen to a couple! When women hear they are going to be a mother, they start to invest in lots of baby gears, stock the house with diapers, and take careful notice of the cravings and baby bump! A baby shower is the perfect way for expectant moms to celebrate the new phase of their lives and share the joy of becoming a mother. It is also a time to receive parenting advice from friends to get them ready for the little bundle of joy’s arrival. Anyone – from a family member to a colleague – can throw this event. Show the new moms just how excited everyone is to welcome the little blessing with a sweet celebration.

A baby girl is on the way for Hannah – and her family and friends threw her a baby shower held at Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center. This haven is a collection of venues – from country clubs to beaches – across the United States and has a wide variety of backdrops to choose from for your celebration. Since Hannah has a thing for everything sophisticated and has the creative Ava’s Cakes and Events team to make this event filled with so much loveliness, a beautiful boho chic baby shower was put together. With natural lighting, high-spirited blooms, and rustic garlands, I love how the team brought the outdoors in. Keep scrolling and let Hannah’s baby shower speak to you!

This gorgeous set proclaimed a welcome to Baby Taya! The sofa, surrounded with vintage and rustic supplies, provided a comfortable nest for the expectant mom. The wheel barrow – filled with blooms that looked fresh-picked – was charming! I really love the outdoorsy touch added to this area!

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Don’t forget to look up! These white ceiling drapes made a beautiful statement and made the space intimate.


Guests are sure to remember Hannah’s photo gallery. While her family and ultrasound photos were precious beyond words, the mix and match of vintage pieces in this area added an element of luxury. Bet you never thought of using a vintage frame to hang your Polaroid shots, but now I’m positive that this is an idea you want to steal from this baby shower. Adorable!

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This two-tier chocolate cake – showcased on a small table – created effortless, chic, and easy décor! I love how it was kept simple, styled up with rosettes in a shade that went with the theme.


The use of a round mirror centerpiece and apothecary jars with blooms kept the tablescape simple and classic. Water was also laid on the table to keep guests hydrated – and what more elegant way to serve the drinks than in a carafe? Everyone loves sipping water out of carafes – I swear!


For the best part – sweets and treats! The white dessert table was situated in front of a huge window with a beautiful garden view. For the simplest of all sweet tables, a selection of beautifully decorated cupcakes and cake pops displayed in wooden trays was a perfect solution. The stunning macarons tower and parfait also gave a look of perfection to the sweet table. Another set of sweets was laid on an elegant white sideboard. The open drawers filled with parfait and themed props looked great! The wooden boxes added height to the desserts and the tassel draped aback of them added to the party atmosphere. I love how the dessert menu was framed so that guests could help themselves. If there is space, reinvent the way drinks are served as in Hannah’s baby shower – a vintage bathtub made for a very interesting vessel.

sweet treats (2)sweetsAsweet treats (6)sweet treats (8)

It seemed like the perfect time to make flower crowns, so Hannah’s floral bar was a hit! It was a refreshing and unique change to the norm. It was a great activity that her gal pals really engaged in. Hannah also went all out with the vibrant theme rocking her own flower crown! She really looked like an Earth goddess! Lovely!

activity.floral bar (34)activity.floral bar (2)activity.floral bar (22)activity.floral bar (32)activity.floral bar (27)activity.floral bar (10)activity.floral bar

Pink cheeks and rosy memories abound when guests played the Guess the Baby game! Here’s one idea to get your creative juices flowing. To play this thrilling game, include in your shower invitation a note instructing each guest to bring along a photo of themselves as babies. As each guest arrives, assign a number to each photo and pin it up on a board. Have each guest guess which photo corresponds to the guests. The person with the most matches that matched up wins! After Hannah’s guests cooed over the photos, party favors were handed out.

activity.games (11)activity.games (9)activity.games (13)activity.games (5)activity.games (12)

This is the blooming expectant mom and her guest of honor. She definitely is happy with the love and pamper from her family and friends. In a couple of weeks, it is going to be goodbye tummy and hello mommy! I hope to see your new star soon!

family.guests (1)family.guests (6)family.guests (9)

Why! Hello there, Kit of Ava’s Cakes and Events!


Vendor Listing and References:

Venue: Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center
Event Styling and desserts: Ava’s Cakes and Events


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