Cali’s Charming Transportation Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Transportation Party Ideas

cai transportation party cover

There’s always something about trains, construction vehicles, planes and of course, cars that make kids love them. In fact, a transportation-themed party is always a good idea for a little boy’s special day. Cali’s fondness with vehicles gave Mek of NY Giftworks the perfect tip for his 1st birthday bash. I love how every detail looks so bright and toy-like but huuuge! I’m sure all the kiddos got excited the moment they entered the venue because I sure am. Ready to zoom over to Cali’s party?

Our first stop… Caliville. The main entrance gave guests the perfect glimpse of what to expect inside – fun!

entranceentrance (1)entrance (2)

As you step in, you’ll be astonished as to how everything was perfectly arranged. Taking a closer look of the stage, you’d notice two cute vehicles park on each side. And I’m pretty sure when a kid spot them they would want to ride and just drive it.

stage (4)stagestage (2)stage (3)

The entire place was surrounded with colorful banderitas, balloons and not to mention those miniature air balloon. I like how their ceiling setup exudes light and cheerful vibes perfect for this laid-back party.

ceiling (2)

Check out those table centerpieces, they look so adorable! They even got different modes of transportation per table. Oh, even their kiddie tables got those road signs to match the theme.

tableAtableBtable (2)kiddie tableA

Let’s visit the cake area, shall we? They made it a point to incorporate everything Cali wanted – train, cars and plane!

cakeAcake (3)

For me, the best area at every party is the desserts spread. Teehee. For Cali’s party, The Creamery prepared and made sure that there’s a chock-full of sweet treats that guests will surely love.

sweets (3)sweets (1)

And as a thank you to everyone who came and stopped by Caliville , treat bags were handed out for everyone to enjoy.

giveaways (2)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist and coordinator: NY Giftworks // Photo: Happy Folks Studio // Video: Lemon Three Films // Catering: The Creamery Catering // Host Magician – Amazing Arnold // Foodcarts: Potato Corner, Candy Corner and FIC

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