Caela’s Dainty Roblox Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Roblox Theme Party Ideas


Children are creative, and what better way to feed their creativity than by giving them a platform for unlimited play? Cue Roblox, a game with over a million players, most of whom are kids. So it’s not surprising that Caela decided to have a Roblox-themed celebration for her 7th birthday. We are thrilled to see how The Party Boss Events’ creative minds gave it a dainty twist by using a pastel color palette. See how sweet everything turned out—a fresh spin on the beloved inspo!

Done with a girlish theme in mind, balloons in blush pink, lavender, baby blue, and white greeted guests. A lovely photo of Caela, a stylish Roblox character, and huge paper flowers completed the ensemble!


Pastel balloons and fairy lights covered the ceiling, adhering to the celebration’s light and whimsical tone. I like the delicate yet fun vibe the ceiling installation gave off!


Roblox encourages play by building fantastical virtual worlds, so it’s no surprise that Caela’s stage is just about that. Stylish characters and balloons in dainty pastel hues filled the space, making it look party-ready!


Following the dainty Roblox theme, each table has different shades of pink accents, from runners to chair drapes. The charming centerpiece is a building block with balloons and pink blooms. How cute is that?


Of course, the little VIPs have their own table! With low-height tables and wonderfully decorated seats, Caela’s friends are free to enjoy themselves in their own space.

kiddie table_2836kiddie table_2846

This gorgeous one-layer pink cake by Juan.Baked featured two of Caela’s favorite characters as toppers. Talk about girly and spunky but still sweet!


Guests were tickled pink by the amazing bubble show from the Bubble Show Manila. It was a dream come true for Caela when she was literally placed inside a giant bubble!


There are games and prizes galore because, let’s face it, what’s a party without these exciting staples?


Guests were treated to a wide array of food cart favorites, including hotdogs, fries, popcorn, cotton candy, and the ultimate street food favorite—scramble!


There’s also an Insta-worthy photo wall where guests can pose and take their pictures for the ‘gram! It’s a pretty, well-lit nook decorated with pink and blue balloons.


The party concluded with guests receiving a bag of goodies and alcohol spray bottles.


In her tutu dress and sneakers, Caela was positively stunning in pink, exuding a fun and chic aura. She appeared to have had a great time sharing her special milestone with her family and friends.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Styling: The Party Boss Events | Photo: Spongecake Studio | Entertainment: Bubble Show Manila | Venue: Feliza Jazz Grand Pavilion | Catering: Epiphany Catering Services | Food Carts: Justine Party FoodCart | Cake: Juan.baked

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