Brent’s Little Archer Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Birthdays seem more enchanting when you are a kid. And for the spunky archer who just had an action-packed bash, they probably always will.

I adore Brent’s little archer bash thrown by his mom and dad. The sunlit setting of The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion was perfect for the theme. It has huge glass windows, an expansive area, and a breezy atmosphere which evoked a sense of being within the forest that an archer encounters during his adventure. The place was full of appealing green, orange, and blue decorations. I love how GloomBalloons Party Ideas team splashed fluorescent colors to make the simple party venue totally modern and picture-perfect. They also added in coordinating cake, activities, and party favors to achieve that archer power party!

A tree trunk arch welcomed the guests. This embellishment made the doorway shabby-chic and appeals to the inner rebel in us. Perfect detailing right down to the little archer, the bow and arrow, and the wooden box! Amazing!

entrance (1)entrance (4)

There was a portion inside the room where Brent’s one-year-milestone photos were proudly on display. The hind arbor gave it an outdoor feel. The addition of his photos and personal stuff had me falling head over heels! Not only did it give a personalize touch in the style, but his darling face is just too cute to ignore!

gallery (1)gallery

Family and friends could pause at the guest book to pen messages for the little archer. It is so simple, yet the key elements were there – vibrant colors and the cute photo of Brent, of course!

detailsdetails (2)

The stage has taken my love to a new level. Brown and green cuts, with archery accents, were the recipe for the adorable backdrop. The little archer in one corner looked terrific. I also love the BRENT 3-D letters that coordinated with the other party elements. The polka-dotted balloons scattered just a few amongst regular plain balloons added large serving of fun.

stage (2)stageA

The ceiling was beautifully decorated with balloons and lanterns. They added a festive touch and provided a great pop of color.


The dining tables created a woodland vibe. Each table was adorned with a white cloth and a centerpiece featuring candles, several apothecary drink dispensers on a tree stump filled with a variety of blooms, and their family photo in a wooden frame. The menu was also crafted on each table to inform guests of the delicious sounding options.

table (3)tableAtableB

Check out this gorgeous little archer themed cake! The use of green cloth really made a fun table accent and created an illusion of natural elements like moss. The arch of balloons added an attractive level to the cake. Each layer of the cake presented a different treat and pattern which added a delightful dose of WOW!

cake (1)cakeA

The activity booths had kept the kids busy before the program started. I am completely smitten with the caricature corner where artists created cute caricatures of the tots. There were also face painting booth, coloring book station, and a few game booths.

activityactivity (4)activity (3)activity (2)activity (1)

Dashes of green, orange, and blue added more energy to the entire food table display. I especially like the medallions embellished on the wooden gate backdrop. The whole look of the food table was extremely stylish and something that would appeal to both children and adults.


In addition to the hearty main course, there were also food carts that offered almost as much energy as the wiggly little guests!


The kids were sent home happy with these archer gizmos.

favors (2)favors

This is the cutest Brent with his family who also decked out in silky green at his little archer themed bash. Don’t miss an arrow on me, honey!

familyfamily (1)

Vendor listing and reference:
Venue: The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion
Event Stylist: GloomBalloons Party Ideas
Photo Coverage: iBaby Photography
Entertainment: Cosplay Performers / Exodus
Candy Buffet: Candy Cart
Magician: Leodini
Activity Booth: Face Painting / Caricature / Game Booths
Host: Bumpy
Cake: Sarah Ann Cuy
Souvenirs: Party Souvenirs Inc.
Caterer: Josiah’s Catering Inc.
Costumes: Sonia Lee’s Costume Central

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