Basti’s LEGO® Themed Party – 1st Birthday

After seeing The LEGO® Movie, your tot might be interested in having a bash inspired by these wonderful bricks. Almost any age group and either gender, a LEGO-themed bash never goes out of style. With new brick building sets each year, the LEGO Group certainly has something for everyone – which makes them the Apple (iPhones) of toys and a perfect inspiration for your next own celebration.

Guests had an action-packed, brick-smashing good time at Basti’s first birthday bash. With Passion Cooks Catering’s signature wit and visual flair, three of our beloved LEGO sets were brought to life – LEGO Super Heroes: DC Comics, LEGO Super Heroes: Marvel, and LEGO Star Wars. How cool is that? I have nothing but mad superhero love for this perfectly constructed bash!

Featuring the sheer awesome pop of colors, well-designed bricks, and life-sized superheroes, this LEGO-bonanza was destined to be a Pow! Bang! Pop! success – and I bet will appeal to the little builders out there (and adults who remember the sets from their childhood). Now get ready to fly, smash, and swing your way through a LEGO adventure as Little J Photography captured all the super details of this bash! Bring on the LEGO bricks!

The hype was built with these bright red and blue LEGO brick doors! The BASTI 3-D letters – styled up with studs to resemble a LEGO brick – were a perfect way to greet his fellow builders. A cute signage that revealed, “Welcome to Basti’s Block Party” also got them in the party mood.

This was by far the biggest milestone of Basti – and since milestones are monumental, they were documented and then shared in a memorabilia station. With his photos, shoes, and onesies on display, friends and family were like given a visual journal to look back on as our little builder gets older.

The stage was transformed into a fun hideout for our LEGO superheroes! On the backdrop – which was framed with LEGO bricks – was Basti’s name printed just like the LEGO logo. The staircase built out of huge LEGO pieces added a perfect punch on stage. Kids who love caped crusaders can jump into the life-sized Batman and Robin on display and strike a pose. They can also meet Captain America, and the galactic personalities – Darth Vader and Padmé Amidala. That was kablamo!

There were no LEGO plates on the floor because they were used to add a little bit of color up the ceiling. What great accent pieces they made for the space!

The tables were not made of actual LEGO bricks, but they definitely looked super fun with those red, green, and blue covers. I also admire the LEGO set centerpieces which pulled together the wow-worthy tablescape! There was a Spider-Man Oscorp Tower set, Hulk’s Breakout set, Star Wars Spaceship Clone Troopers set, and Batman and The Joker set. There was also a centerpiece showing off the other LEGO superheroes surround their capture. Amazing! There really is a lot of interesting things you can do to your LEGO characters! Aside from the LEGO set, another centerpiece that captured my love of LEGO (and food) was the menu!

To kick the imagination of the little brick lovers into high gear, the kiddie tables were posted with LEGO minifig coloring pages and LEGO minifig crayons. Look at the funky shape of the crayons! Perfect for little hands to grab hold of during coloring activities!

For a unique focal point, twenty-one cake bars – covered with fondant to look like LEGO Duplo bricks – were stacked and attached to build the bottom layer and a letter B. The wonderfully designed cake also featured some of our favorite LEGO super villains and superheroes! From Poison Ivy to Cyclops, the LEGO characters united for this fun-filled confection – and the festive vibe was even heightened with white bunting and LEGO head lollipops! The cake was also jam-packed with Emmet LEGO.

Even the smallest superheroes have big appetites. So in this bash, the dessert buffet was piled high with super food and confections! Kids can take their choice of cupcakes topped with 3-D LEGO characters, dessert cups, yellow cake pops and a meringue tower played up with fondant LEGO bricks, or LEGO head lollipops. The vinyl LEGO brick wall decal aback of the dessert table added just the right splash of color. Bam! Pow! Yum!

The polka-dotted and oh-so cute containers – printed with LEGO characters – were the star!

The kids also gorged themselves on fluffy cotton candies!

These Emmet and Wolverine cardboard cutouts got the guests snapping! Say cheeeese!

Souvenirs are a fun way to make a celebration even more memorable for the guests – and so Basti got a great selection of LEGO toys and handcrafts that everyone would love.

In addition to the souvenirs, the little LEGO enthusiasts also took away LEGO sets with them so they could continue connecting bricks at home to build new creations and invent new adventures!

Vendor listing and references:
Venue: One Rockwell
Event stylist and catering: Passion Cooks Catering
Photo coverage: Little J Photography
Cake and desserts: Swell Sweets

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