Appa’s Art in the Park Themed Party -1st Birthday

Little Artist Theme Party Ideas

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Truly, creativity is contagious and Appa’s first birthday bash guaranteed that all the guests catch it. It promises fun and entertainment in a unique and visual way. There’s a splash of color everywhere and elements of art were not just displayed as decorations but were actually used to create one.

Here’s what the innovative stylist from With A Flourish has to say about the planning of this inspiring affair:

“When our client Bea (whose family owns Ilustrado in Intramuros) asked me to work with her for her firstborn’s first birthday, I immediately knew this would be a different and wonderfully unique event… and indeed it was. The theme strayed away from being “over-the-top” or “extravagant” as most kiddie parties come nowadays and had instead opted for a more casual and relaxed atmosphere, all while instilling a distinct and tasteful personality and flavor all of its own – Art in the Park. Guests to Appa’s party were treated with the feel, ambience and tactile experience of visiting an Art in the Park, where the value and beauty of art is celebrated in its many different forms. Within the premises, every nook and cranny showed different tributes in paint, print, photos and new media. Beyond the actual tributes, disparate items evoked a sense that this was all a thanksgiving to the gift of creation.”

It was indeed an artist’s haven. The party was overflowing with great ideas and ingenuity. Good thing our friends from With A Flourish was kind enough to share some snaps from this bash.

This amazing framework welcomed the guests at Appa’s birthday bash. There were kaleidoscopic 3D geometric shapes hanging from a wooden frame, a multicolored welcome sign on the right, and Appa’s name on the left side (not completely captured). I bet guests found the explosion of colors and shapes very interesting! So even before entering the venue, you’ll already feel the excitement that this party will bring.

entrance (3)entrance (5)

What’s a birthday party without balloons!?! The white tent was highlighted with colorful balloon banners and multi-hued buntings. It made the overhead view a lot more vibrant and delightful. All those colors will give you a psychedelic experience.

ceilingceiling (4)

Brightly colored table cloths were spread on each table, highlighted by a multi-colored runner. Potted plants on aluminum buckets were the centerpieces, it exuded nature and walk-in-the-park kind of feel. While the mini 3D geometric shapes added creative and artsy vibe.

table (1)table (4)

At first you’ll think if this is a dessert bar or a display of fun art materials. It’s actually both! The dessert spread was made even more interesting with the art materials incorporated on the set-up. And the desserts concocted by culinary experts from Ilustrado looks like art as well.

dessert bardessert bar (2)dessert bar setup (4)dessert bar setup

Beverages for everyone to keep those creative juices flowing! Everything in this affair is all about art and the way this beverage station is set-up is just spot-on imaginative and inspiring.

drink (6)drink (9)drink (1)

Several forms of arts were showcased like the ones we see in art galleries. Paintings (private collection of paintings of Quezon’s treasures), sketches and photographs were displayed for everyone to appreciate and take inspiration from. A set of Silahis Arts and Artifacts were also displayed for a taste of traditional artifacts and cultural crafts.

art collection (3)art collection

There’s an exhibit of black and white photography (“In retrospect”) by Robert Huibonhoa.

photo collection (3)photo collection (4)

Everyone at the party got excited and inspired with Appa’s birthday theme. Kids and adults alike get to practice a few brush strokes here and there to create their own masterpiece.


This uniquely designed backdrop is the perfect background for the designated photo-op nook. It illustrates the coolness of self-expression and uniqueness.


A blissful shot of our little birthday celebrant, Appa, and his proud parents. As what With A Flourish mentioned: Appa’s birthday was truly as art can be – a celebration of life!

family (1)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Venue and caterer: Ilustrado Restaurant, Intramuros // Stylist: With A Flourish

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