Tyreke’s Olympics Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Calling all sporties out there! Who needs to travel all the way to Rio when we have Tyreke’s Olympic-themed party getting sports enthusiasts all hyped up? I bet the idea itself is making everyone excited! Two thumbs up to Party Magic for bringing us the Olympic vibe travel-free! The difference is, no one needs to compete but everyone gets a sweet treat. I am thrilled myself coz this is just as colorful as the most anticipated international sports event. Big thanks to Jed Uy Photography for sending over these wonderful snaps. For us here in PDM, this is one party to watch out for!

Seeing this arc, I can picture guests coming in like athletes making their entrance as part of the opening ceremony. The torches intensified the Olympic atmosphere.


The torch game does not end as there are bigger versions on stage, perfectly complementing the backdrop.


This party wouldn’t be complete without the Olympic rings! Again, torches were everywhere and they were used as centerpieces lighting up the tables. The colorful balloons melded with lanterns hanging from the ceiling simply brought out a festive sensation!

table (1)table (2)

My eyes are just as pleased with the cake as it is looking so alive with all these mini athletes showcasing their sport skills. These guys must have worked out a lot! Plus, the trophy looks like sweet victory… literally!


Here comes my favorite part of every party — dessert! It’s double the treat as guests get medals and trophies plus sweets all in one! Donuts as rings, balls as cake pops, medals as treats — these sweet delights surely know how to blend in, the Olympic way!

sweet treats (1)sweet treats (2)sweet treats (7)sweet treats (3)sweet treats (4)sweet treats (5)sweet treats (6)sweet treats (8)

Different snack carts are up for grabs on the side. Kids and adults lined up for these all-time favorite goodies!

cart (1)cart (2)

To cap off the event, here’s a cool photo corner complete with places and tarps! Most of us would probably stand on first place. We’re all winners in different ways after all!

photo op

Vendors who made it all happen:

Venue: Wack Wack Pavilion A // Event Stylist: Party Magic // Photo Coverage: Jed Uy Photography // Sweets: Simply Paris


  1. I love the Olympic theme party and want to do a similar one in May. I live in Ohio. Any suggestions on how to accomplish the center pieces and Olympic archway?

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