Thirdy’s “Up” Movie Themed Party – 1st Birthday

While more and more parents tend to favor a more vintage-y setup when it comes to their child’s party, with a doubt, bright colors and balloons still have its own brand of charm that simply emanates fun and cheeriness to any occasion. Inspired by the movie “Up”, Thirdy’s adorable birthday bash is definitely full of colors, cuteness and all around loveliness. I also like how sweet, fun and laid-back everything looks! Styled by Eye Candy Creative Design and wonderfully captured by Digital Arts Photography, every detail is enough to brighten up an otherwise gloomy day.


For their stage backdrop, instead of focusing on the more known detail of the movie which is the floating house tied to thousands of balloons, they’ve decided to showcase Carl Fredricksen’s cozy little living room. Of course, since it’s his living room, Mr. Carl Fredricksen together with his dog – Dug, graced Thirdy’s party. All in all, I like how they showcased this theme on a different angle. From the colors to the not so little details like the paper sofa and make believe fireplace, the whole concept looks invigorating.


Both their ceiling and table centerpieces feature various main characters and elements of the movie. From Carl and Dug to the cutie boy scout Russel, they even have Carl’s house as embellishment to their fab table setup.

ceiling (2)ceilingcenterpiece (2)centerpiece

The iconic Carl’s floating house cake is definitely one of the ultimate must-have of this party theme. No “Up” themed party is ever complete without it.


Thirdy’s sweet offering is enough to make me squeal in delight! While 90% of the time, rainbow-colored thingee is not really my thing, there’s always an exception to the rule. These rainbow-colored treats look mighty fine! From the rainbow cupcakes to the perfectly decorated sugar cookies, not to mention the vibrantly colored mallows and oreopops, check, check, check and check!

sweets (6)sweets (2)sweets (3)sweets (7)sweets (8)sweets (11)sweets (13)sweetssweetsA

For their giveaways, I love these “house” inspired favor boxes. It’s great way to tie-in everything with the theme.


Here’s some snaps from Thirdy’s “Up” inspired pre-event photo session.

family (4)family

Supplier Listing and References:

Event Styling: Eye Candy Creative Design • Parties by Ice Valderrama & Nicole Daclan
Photo Coverage: Digital Arts Photography
Cake and desserts: The Cake Room


  1. I was wondering where I could find the UP decorations you used for this party? I’m a teacher and my theme this year is UP..

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