The Night Before Christmas Theme Editorial Shoot

Rustic and Homey Christmas Party Ideas


Christmas is the most magical season of the year and it is fast approaching; we can already feel the breeze and Christmas cheers all around us! For our 2nd Christmas editorial set this year, we are excited to share with you a cozy, homey Christmas-themed photoshoot to give you inspiration and showcase how this season can instantly warm our hearts.

Christmas is best celebrated in the comfort of your own home, with the people who matters the most, our family and close friends. With the help of our partner stylist Mek Dizon-Reyes of NY Giftworks, we are here to inspire you to create that warm and rustic feel to your holiday haven. One can easily incorporate that rustic+homey vibe by using elements of brown, red and green; and including natural accents such as wood, twine, flowers and vines. NY Giftworks did an awesome job transforming The Palm Grill to a dream cabin home. Who needs invitation when Little J Photography and Ford Cabrera Childhood Films got us looped in to this gorgeous shoot.

This set up will absolutely remind you of the night before Christmas. The very inviting velvet couch, accentuated with a huggable teddy in red and black plaid, looks perfect; while the pallet wood Christmas tree added something that will spark interest among family members and friends. The unique-looking Christmas tree is decorated with fancy ornaments, that still has that rustic-theme fused to it. And at the center, an intricately designed white table, decorated with Christmas ornament, was placed to build a more festive vibe. And to add an extra dose of Christmas glee, hanging decorative Christmas stockings is the perfect way to do it! Designed in classic plaid, adorned with a Santa Claus and a reindeer trinket, who can resist not filling these cuties with candies, small toys, and other goodies.

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A sumptuous Christmas Eve dinner served in this simple yet elegant table setup will not only fill your tummies but will also feed your eyes. The classic Poinsettia, twines, cactus flower plants, lamps, tin cans and candles sums up this awe-inspiring table arrangement. Adding personalized placemats and shiny silverwares completed this lovely display.

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Santa will surely have a treat after his journey down the chimney. I love how Sugarplum Pastries filled the table with not just cookies and milk, but with other mouth-watering concoctions, for Santa to enjoy. These scrumptious goodies will tickle your taste buds and will keep you feeling ecstatic till Christmas morning. To satisfy your sweet tooth, Sugarplum Pastries prepared heavenly donuts, cupcakes and cookies. There’s a one-tier Oreo cookie cake that looks really delish! They’ve got savory and flavorful tarts too, thanks to Dessert Jars. And I’m sure that just by looking at it, you can instantly smell those cinnamon rolls.

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A great way to remind you of the year’s Christmas motif is to give away items that match the theme. Pinwheel Crafts got you covered with an array of personalized wooden tableware and cutlery sets. Something very practical that can be used for quite a while.

givaways ideas (3)

From the bottom of our hearts here at Party Doll Manila, thank you sooo much to all our dear suppliers who share their valuable time and amazing talents with us. Be sure to check out our behind-the-scenes here:

Teamwork makes the dream work. Here’s the admirable team who brought our dream rustic+homey Christmas theme to life. Great job sending us through and transporting us straight to the night before Christmas.

suppliers (2)suppliers3

Vendors who made it all happen:
Venue: The Palm Grill // Stylist: NY Giftworks // Photo: Little J Photography // Video: Ford Cabrera Childhood Films // Desserts: Sugarplum Pastries and Dessert Jars // Giveaways: Pinwheel Crafts // Makeup: Blank Canvass by JT // Models: Dacio Family

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