Ethan and Elyzza’s Hansel and Gretel Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Story Book Theme Party Ideas The story of Hansel and Gretel is a bit different from other children’s stories where the princess meets a prince and they lived happily ever after. This is a story of two little children who found a house made of candies in the middle of the forest owned by a […]

Kevin and Kaye’s Hansel and Gretel Themed Party

Hansel and Gretel Theme Party Ideas Once upon a time, a young boy named Kevin Cedric turned seven years old. He loves his baby sister dearly, Chrysten Kaye, who turned one. They went into the woods and saw a magnificent gingerbread house deep inside the forest, filled with candies, chocolates and everything delicious! Join us […]

Ysaac’s Hansel and Gretel Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Here’s one fairytale that hasn’t been getting enough attention – Hansel and Gretel. Maybe it’s because of the spooky witch? But hey, I’m all for out of the box themed parties and given the opportunity to add a different theme sounds too good to pass. After all, I just love to throw in some variety […]

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