Alriq’s Superheroes Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Every boy’s dream is to become a superhero – fighting crimes, chasing bad guys, and of course, saving people, all while wearing cool costumes and awesome gadgets! Our featured party is totally action-packed, as superheroes came out to celebrate Alriq’s first birthday BANG, I mean, bash! Even Superman and Batman are in league with each […]

Zoey’s Pink and Denim Cowgirl Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Eeep… one of our all-time favorite party themes just got chic-ified! Put on your cowboy hats and dust off your boots because we’re heading to Zoey’s pink and denim cowgirl shindig. Filled with rustic elements, exciting party games and pink bandanas, they even went the extra mile by having horses, haystacks and lots of plaid. […]

Kirsten’s Colorful Raindrops Themed Party – 1st Birthday

It’s raining colors here today in the blog as I feature Kirsten’s amaaazing rainbow/rainy themed party mash-up. While as a party host, we most certainly don’t want any sign of bad weather that can ruin our party; I promise you this one is different. In fact, every little detail was executed perfectly that you will […]

Tin’s Bow or Bowtie Party – Gender Reveal Party

Hugs and kisses to Kit of Ava’s Cake and Party Shop for sharing this lovely party with me! For the past couple of years, more and more would-be parents are hosting “Gender Reveal Parties” over the traditional baby showers. But here in the Philippines, only a handful joined the bandwagon. Basically, instead of announcing the excitement […]

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