Paulina’s Finding Neverland Themed Party – 18th Birthday

Finding Neverland Theme Party Ideas


Neverland, ever so dreamy. A world that exists within a star, a world where fairies and magic are the reality. As Paulina welcomes a new milestone in her life, she’s ready to fly to Neverland to follow the brightest star. Turning 18 is a once in a lifetime experience for a woman because she’ll be entering a world of new possibilities and hope. To let the world know that she’s ready to open her wings and fly, she decided to start finding Neverland. With a Flourish made her dream come true with their reimagined Neverland-themed design. From the venue to the decors, everything is on point. Thanks to Grethel Ulang for capturing all the magic in Paulina’s Neverland bash.

“So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever in Never Never Land!”

A willow tunnel that leads to the deeper part of Neverland welcomed the guests. The foliage of lush greenery and pink flowers charmed everyone as they enter this whole new place.


The ceiling is a reflection of the magical tunnel from the entrance. Large green drapes, hanging flowers, and dreamy fairy lights that resemble twinkling stars completed the look. The green and purple lighting actually reminded me of the Northern Lights.


The stage setup is equally enchanting as the other parts of the venue.


Their table setup looks lovely with the collection of little Neverland knick-knacks like golden trinkets, wooden fences, lamps, and fairy lights.


With perfectly hand-crafted details, Paulina’s cake was too pretty to eat!


Neverland became a dream paradise for many children, thanks to the classic book Peter Pan. It is only fitting to add a giant book as a statement piece on the photo wall. Fellow bookworms will surely understand (and love!) this brilliant idea.


Here’s a little cute idea, check out Paulina’s 18 roses rocking their own Peter Pan’s hat! Teehee!

18 roses

Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: With A Flourish | Event Planner: Acts Events Management | Photos: Grethel Ulang

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