Milo’s Jurassic Park Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Dinosaur Theme Party Ideas


Prepare for a roaring good time and join us as we go on a prehistoric adventure celebrating Milo’s first birthday! Party station definitely brought Jurassic Park to life with their awesome styling! Check out these snaps by Nice Print Photography & Exige Weddings.

Miniature dinos presented these rad cards to each of Milo’s guests, an invitation to a truly Jurassic quest.

details (2)

A great adventure calls for some great gear too. Check out these very cute dino-themed outfits!

details (3)details (1)

Put on your paleontology gear and enter Milo’s World. People were ushered through a stone hedge-like gateway to a DINO-rific land full of excitement and discovery.


Up the ceiling was a hanging-garden of large vines and over a hundred orange and green balloons! If you look close enough, you’ll be able to spot a couple Pterodactyls flying about this marvelous display.

ceilingceiling (2)

Amidst the heavily forested greenery was a fierce T-Rex, a shielded Triceratops, a quick Velociraptor and a motherly Brachiosaurus guarding her eggs. All these ginormous dinosaurs were present to honor Milo’s first birthday!

stage (2)stage

Each white clothed table had a mini dinosaur and balloon centerpiece; a little something to get the guests right to their seats.

tabletable (2)

Even dinosaurs would get wild over this phenomenal cake of epic proportions! Several thick layers in different sizes, each with its own Jurassic pattern and little Dinos’ guarding this large yummy treat.

cake (2)cake

Sit back, relax and watch out for that friendly T-Rex! Kids and adults alike got the chance to be part of a magical program- full of fun games, role-playing action and even an eye-catching alab poi dance show.

program (3)program (2)program

Don’t forget to head on to the photowall with family and fellow adventurers. Take a selfie with a T-Rex, or go monkeying about on an egg hatch and a jungle jeep.


Go home smiling with these cool giveaways. Everyone was given a Jurassic themed bag and some fluffy dinosaur tails that the kids would definitely enjoy.

giveaways.aside from bag not in pic

“Life will find a way.” – Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park

No matter what obstacles or troubles may come, brave little Milo will surely take these head-on like any adventurer would with the help of such loving & supportive parents. What a cutie!

familyAfamily (2)family (12)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Styling: Party Station // Photo: Nice Print Photography & Exige Weddings // Cake: Sugarbox Cake // Venue: Crimson Hotel

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