Gabby’s Honey Bee Themed Party – 1st Birthday

How about we start this year with a buzz-worthy party? Yes please! With bright yellow and black deets, Gabby’s Honey Bee themed party is un-bee-lievably sweet and adorable in so many ways. Just when you thought that children’s parties couldn’t get any cuter, I’m stoked to share Gabby’s bee-day bash which was captured wonderfully by CM Photography. Loaded with extremely charming sweet treats and oh-so-pretty decors, the creative team of Gigglebugs Gift and Party Shop made doubly sure that everything will turn out to be anything but bee-autiful.

Adding a chock-full of sunshine to their venue, different bee themed decorations were used. The sunflowers made from balloons and huge 3D bees were perfect, everything looks laid back and cheerful!

venueceiling (2)ceiling

Flowers and bees. For table centerpieces, it is only but logical to have these two elements together, after all, what bee party is complete without these two?

tabletable (3)

This amazing dessert setup also doubled as their main backdrop. The added Gabby “bee” standees totally kept things interesting. Cuteness!

dessert setupdessert setup (3)

And my day just got better, Gabby’s dessert tablescape by The Cake Room is pure joy! What an eye candy! From her awesome cake to all the blissfully divine sweet treats, can’t blame all these bees for swarming this area. Tell me, how can you not love these adorable cupcakes, cakepops and sugar cookies?

sweets (11)sweets (2)sweetsBsweets (12)sweets (14)sweets (4)sweetsCsweets (5)sweets (8)sweets (26)sweetssweetsA

To keep things extra fun and enjoyable for everyone, different activity stations and game booths were present at the party.

activitiesactivities (4)activities (2)activities (3)activities (5)

Gabby’s party favors were quite fab, too! More goodies for their guests to enjoy.


Vendor listing and reference:
Event Stylist: Gigglebugs Gifts and Party Shop
Photo Coverage: CM Photography and Jed Alcala Photography
Cake and sweet treats: The Cake Room

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