Estella’s Beauty and the Beast Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Princess Belle Theme Party Ideas

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It’s a classic saga of love, beauty and magic; as the famous theme song of the movie goes, it’s a “tale as old as time, tune as old as song”. The story of beautiful Belle falling in love with Beast has captured the hearts and imagination of generations thus it has been retold many versions in books, television and movies. The narrative and magical characters (yes even the brute Gaston!) take us to a very regal and entrancing world. Beauty and the Beast has become a familiar theme in birthdays, parties and even weddings; and each events’ stylist have something unique to offer in their own rendition of this timeless theme. Party Magic gave Estella’s first birthday celebration a distinct style that is both adorable and magnificent. Let us look at the stunning photos of Joel H. Garcia Photography.

The invite alone tells a lot about what to expect in the party. The artist’s version, though not very faithful to the popular images of Belle and Beast from the movie is still too cute! It gives a touch of playfulness apt for a princess’ (aka Estella’s!) first birthday.


A golden gate adorned with bands of red roses. Just like in the movies! But this gate will not lead you to a dungy dark castle of Beast but to the most majestic party ever. There’s also a very cordial greeting of big red roses atop a white textured wall that welcomes guests with a famous line from one of the movie’s songs.

entrance' (1)zentrance' (2)z

A splendid arrangement of golden drapes and globes of yellow and blue. Books are also imminent element in the story. Paper-crafted version of this trinket completes this design.

ceiling (4)zceiling (1)z

The stage feels like we’re in for a marvelous musical! A castle-like backdrop, with a very adorable Belle at the center, escorted by a very charming Beast, surrounded by Mrs. Potts, Lumiere and Cogsworth! Books and roses also embellished the stage.

stage (2) - Copyz

Blue, gold and yellow palette is still the reigning motif at the table. A setup of roses on teapots, books and candelabra are placed on the guests’ tables.

table (2)ztablez

The cake looks as if it is a pop up of a book, which is also the backdrop here. Totally Instagram-worthy! This 4-tier designer cake is lavished with intricately curated fondant cake toppers. This centerpiece is both queenly and dainty.

cakezcake (1)zcake (3)z

Here are some of the other marvelous spaces where you can pose for photos. Elements like candelabras, typewriters, mirrors, rustic shelves and parchments exude a very picturesque and vintage appeal. You can never have too much (or too big!) red roses! These very dreamy photo-walls of the party transports anyone to a place so fab and grandiose.

photo-opzphoto-op (3)zfamilyz

The fries and cotton candy are sure hits to the kids (and kids at heart!)


Everyone enjoyed this balloon twisting activity!


The idea behind the game booths are super creative. Who wouldn’t get excited to hit the targets at the shooting range or fling the ball at the teacup throw! And all the prizes are really sought after.

gamebooth1zgamebooths (1)zgamebooths2z

The giveaways are perfect for the rainy season, and with some sweet candies to boot too.


Let’s all bow and curtsy for the royal family! Princes Estella truly is the beautiful Belle of the party in this yellow dress. The family is also joined by an equally pretty adult Belle, some towns people clad in magnific yellow and blue clothes. Not to mention the special appearance of Minnie Mouse!

family (2)zfamily 3z

Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: Party Magic // Photo: Joel H Garcia Photography

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