Dredd’s “London Calling” Themed Party – 7th Birthday

London Calling British Theme Party Ideas


With its picturesque sites of modern and cultural attractions, England’s biggest city – London, is undeniably a dream destination to many. It offers some of the best views the world has to offer. This is the place that Blooms 2701 Styling wanted to bring for Dredd’s 7th birthday bash and true enough, they amazingly transformed the Don Antonio Heights Clubhouse to mimic the most iconic sights of the city from its ceiling to the floor. Thanks to Mike Cobarrubias Photography, we are able to share with you today these gorgeous details and special moments the birthday family will always cherish.

Keeping watch at the entrance are two Queen’s guards looking immaculate in their uniform and iconic hats. Only this time, they are guarding Dredd’s party instead.


Hanging on the ceiling are these banners in red, blue and white representing the colors of the UK flag. What a terrific way to exude the British vibe.


A typical day in London is portrayed on the stage. A double decker sightseeing bus, a view of Big Ben and the famous London Eye gave everyone the perfect preview of the metropolis.


The table centerpiece is a wonderful collection of all things London. The lit-up letter ‘D’ surrounded by the town’s transport, clock tower and vibrant flowers resemble how alive London is.


Check this out! Dredd’s cake is an exquisite three-tier cake made by Sweet Expressions. I’m digging how each tier has different look and details to offer. Oh and to give you an idea, it rotates too!


To complete the sugar ensemble, their dessert spread was filled with meringue, cupcakes, donuts and mini cakes.


Organico prepped this pretty grazing table for the grown up to dig in to.


For some quick bites, FIC, Potato Corner, Fluffed, Pasta Ruota and DelecTEAbles served everyone a variety of snacks to enjoy.


Kast of Klowns run the program and gave some entertainment.


The bubble show was a hit not only to the children but also to the grownups.


To bring good luck and joy, the finale was Dredd’s favorite dragon dance. This one of a kind presentation left a big smile and a huge sense of bliss to everyone. Dredd even made an impromptu drum performance!


This tourist bus looks so adorable as photo-op background. Guests can even go inside and pretend to be on a sightseeing tour around Dredd’s party.


As token of appreciation, the family gave away these string loot bags to Dredd’s guests who made this day complete and more special.


Vendors who made it all possible:
Coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Stylist: Blooms 2701 Styling | Photo: Mike Cobarrubias Photography | Video:Bella Morcen Films | Cake and desserts: Sweet Expressions | Foodcarts: FIC, Potato Corner, Fluffed, Pasta Ruota and DelecTEAbles | Caterer: Organico | Host, magic show and bubble show: Kast of Klowns | Venue: Don Antonio Heights Clubhouse

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