Alonzo’s Mickey & Minnie’s Jungle Adventure – 1st Birthday

Mickey Mouse’s Safari Adventure Party Ideas

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Are you ready for a one-derful adventure? We hope you are because we’re excited to share this inspiration with you. Little Alonzo celebrated his first birthday with a safari-themed bash that we had the pleasure of organizing. The guests had a roaring good time with the amazing styling by The Party Project Manila, as they recreated the look and vibe of the wilderness indoors! Strap on your boots, grab your binoculars, and embark on a fantastic jungle trip with Alonzo and his famous friends, Mickey and Minnie. Enjoy these adorable snaps and snippets from Little Coeo by Bella Morcen.

Before stepping into the venue, guests were greeted by life-sized standees of Mickey and Minnie in their safari outfits, along with a giraffe and a zebra hiding among the lush foliage. For a moment, it felt like we were out in the wild! Wild, indeed!


Let me tell you, the scene above was equally impressive! Swathes of green swags and faux vines adorned the ceiling, creating the illusion of a lush jungle canopy. Completing the vibrant ambiance were several pendant lights, each adorned with handwoven unique designs.

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In line with the party’s theme, the stage was adorned with Mickey, Minnie, and a selection of their jungle companions—a giraffe, an elephant, a tiger, and a lion—all appearing perfectly at home in the wild!

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Every nook and cranny had been filled with greenery, evoking the sensation of exploring the depths of a dense forest. Animals occupied every available space, sparing not even the tables! Instead of traditional floral arrangements, an assortment of ferns, vines, and leaves served as a refreshing centerpiece.

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Alonzo’s birthday cake, a three-tiered confection crafted by the talented hands at Sweet Creations by Mums, stole the show. Crowned with khaki-clad Mickey and Minnie traversing a safari landscape, each tier of the cake overflowed with different handcrafted jungle elements —playful wildlife caricatures, intricate animal prints, and a myriad of verdant hues completed the masterpiece. Can you spot Goofy?

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Before the fantastic shows started, kids expended all their energy bouncing around the inflatable playground. Alternatively, they lingered around the game booths to bring home a couple of prizes.

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A jungle adventure is fun, so it’s only fitting that Alonzo’s birthday party was just as enjoyable. Host San Pascual made sure every kid and adult could join in on the day’s exciting activities. Once again, Madison Events charmed everyone with their amazing Lion King performance. But that’s not all; Kent Oliver captivated the entire audience with his jaw-dropping tricks and funny antics.

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There was also an amazing selection of food carts for the guests! Avenida Events offered street food favorites such as taho and sorbetes. Potato Corner had everyone lining up for their French fries, while Abstract Café provided a warming cup of Joe for all attendees.

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As tokens of gratitude, guests were able to take home customized goodies from Cheerful Creatives PH and Insta Mug. Pose & Print offered a photobooth setup where both kids and adults could capture wacky snaps as souvenirs.

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Little Alonzo looked absolutely adorable in his khaki overalls and rubber shoes—it seemed as if he was ready for an amazing adventure in the jungle with Mickey and friends!

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Vendors who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Stylist: The Party Project Manila | Photo and video: Little Coeo by Bella Morcen | Cake: Sweet Creations by Mums | Caterer: Juan Carlo the Caterer | Host: Sang Pascual | Entertainment: Kent Oliver, Madison Events, Inflatables by Julianna | Food carts: Abstract Cafe, Potato Corner, and Avenida Events | Giveaways: Pose & Print, Insta Mug and Cheerful Creatives PH

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