Aeden’s Roaring Dino Quarantine Birthday Celebration – 1st Birthday

Cute Dino Theme Party Ideas


Celebrating a birthday during quarantine? No sweat… There’s nothing that can dampen this family’s celebration, especially since their youngest, Aeden, is turning a year old. So let’s venture with Aeden and party like it’s 200 BC in this fun-filled dino-themed house party!

What a roaring setup! Party Magic certainly did a fantabulous job, knowing exactly what would spark a little boy’s imagination. There were clusters of balloons in gradient greens, blue and orange that must have seemed like dinosaur eggs to Aeden. Green and gold T-rex foil balloons, along with some dinosaur toys, gathered at the table to share in Aeden’s feast.


Playful green party hats with glittery dinosaur scales, cute striped paper plates and cool dinosaur cup holders were set on the table for this sweet family of 5.


What is a party without the family favorites? For Aeden, it has to be a generous amount of beefy grilled sliders, French fries that are just hot-off-the-frying pan and rich, juicy barbeque. After their luscious, savory meal, they enjoyed the ultimate sugar rush with these “too-adorable-to-eat” cupcakes adorned with cute and colorful fondant dinosaurs.


What a cake this was! The bottom layer was covered in the lightest blue fondant to create the sky and around it was a scene straight out of the Jurassic era with an erupting volcano, coconut trees and fondant dinosaurs. The top layer was covered in light yellow fondant. Coconut trees and a dinosaur nest with a hatchling peeking out of its egg simply looks adorbs! The perfect topper is an “Aedensaurus”, happy to celebrate his 1st birthday.


Aeden’s dinosaur friends weren’t the only ones at the party. Celebrating with him, via Zoom, were members of his extended family. Yes, it’s possible to have quite the birthday bash, have loads of fun and still put the family’s health and safety above all else. Social distancing won’t cramp your style with a fun virtual hangout. You should try it!


There’s nothing that you wouldn’t do for your loved one, even in the strictest of quarantines. Just take a look at Aeden’s family who made sure that he had this memory to look back to by throwing him a simple but otherwise, joyful first birthday celebration. Happy Birthday, Aeden! The world is ready to hear you roar!


Vendors who made it all happen:
Styling: Party Magic | Photo: Cradles

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