Veni’s Fab Farmer’s Market Themed Party – 2nd Birthday

Barnyard Theme Party Ideas


Bring the exciting energy of the barnyard to your little farmer’s party, and it will surely be a-moo-zing! Veni’s charming farm-themed party was made possible by NY Giftworks, who really pulled out all the stops with the cute animals, haystacks, and colorful buntings overhead.

The sun is up; let’s get up! Prepare to see Veni’s birthday in all its loveliness thanks to Nice Print Photography’s photos.


What a farm-tastic entrance! The guests were greeted with a pony, a tractor, and a wooden sign that read Veni’s farm.


A cute “Farm festival” is the perfect way to describe the overhead installation. All the colorful banners, balloons, and straw hats hanging everywhere make me long for a trip to the countryside.


The stage décor perfectly captures the essence of a farm-theme party. Every single element used helped create the overall look they were going for.


Above the white picnic tables were the cutest centerpieces – a miniature farm complete with barnhouse, fence, faux grass, and little farm animals.


Veni’s cake is flawless to the very last detail. It shows Veni as a cute fondant farmer sporting a straw hat, work boots, and a brown pullover.


The dessert section is brimming with treats. A variety of goodies, including cake pops, cupcakes, and cookies, will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.


Not a fan of sweets? No need to worry. Veni also prepared food carts that resembled market stalls. Go ahead and check them out!

food carts_05521

Everyone liked the games and entertainment, especially winning prizes. The kids are beaming and donning their prettiest farm clothes.


My favorite part has to be Veni’s market. Since it contains actual fruits and veggies, guests are welcome to take some as extra treats!


Before going home, guests received another gift from our celebrant. Customized Veni’s farm cuddly pillows for everyone!


Here are some of our favorite photos of our birthday celebrant together with his happy family.


Vendors who made it all possible:
Stylist: NY Giftworks | Photo: Niceprint Photography

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