Nathan’s Wild West Cowboy Party – 1st Birthday

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Howdy partners! Are you ready for a blazing saddle, cowboy hoedown? Well, here it is in Nathan’s Wild, Wild West Birthday Bonanza. So rummage through your closet for your swankiest jeans and plaids; put on those boots, don your spurs and your best Stetson hats, and let’s head on to Nathan Town, population 1,000.

In just two shakes of a lamb’s tail, event stylist Party Magic brought Nathan’s Wild West adventure to life. The scene is set with a pair of Arizona desert cacti, some barn ladders and cowboy hats hanging from a rope. Reminiscent of red barn shindigs were wooden crates and hay straws, and cowboy bandana kerchiefs like those worn by cattle herders on the open range. Finally, swinging saloon doors served as entrance for Nathan’s family and friends.

entrance (2)entrance (3)entrance (4)

Hanging from the center of the ceiling are strings of red and blue bandanas, colorful buntings and lengths of white and yellow fabric that went round like ribbons on a maypole – Wild West style. Add to these a touch of cowboy hats and lassos, and brightly colored lanterns for the most festive mood.

ceiling (2)

At the hub of this exciting event is a stage that ties everything together – Party Magic has skillfully recreated the typical old west complete with the county sheriff’s office and a saloon. A range of rustic decorations like a wagon, an oak barrel and bales of hay make for a more authentic experience. And to top off this impressive display is the county sheriff with what looks like sacks of recovered loot from a heist. He’ll definitely be taking down one of these Wanted posters…

stage (3)stage (6)stage (4)stage (5)

Nathan’s three-layer cake was made for a swashbuckling cowboy hero. The first tier was decorated with a brown leather belt and the sheriff’s golden yellow buckle all made with gummy, chewy, sweet fondant. The second layer is covered with fondant cow hide, and the top layer was decorated to look like an Arizona desert. The cake topper is a gingerbread sheriff standing underneath a string of buntings. What a delicious treat!


Guests enjoy a round or two at the game booths. Some tried their luck with a cowboy hat toss, instead of a horseshoe toss. Other guests spend their excess energy popping balloons for a prize.


Giddy-up horse! Nathan’s young guests play out scenes from old TV westerns in a photo corner that is perfectly orchestrated with distinctive cowboy props including a wooden rocking horse. This makes for truly Instagram-worthy photos.

photowall (2)photowall (1)photowallphotowall (3)

These cute little lunch bags went home on the shoulders of each of Nathan’s freinds. What a perfect giveaway for his whooping cowboy buddies!


Vendor who made it all happen:
Event Stylist: Party Magic

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