Iago and Carlo’s Richie Rich Themed Party

Richie Rich Theme Party Ideas


Oh the nostalgia this theme brings! Together with The Archies Comics, this is one of my few favorite reads when I was a kid. Needless to say, I’m super stoked to see the World of Richie Rich come to life courtesy of The Party Project Manila who spared no expense when they turned the Corinthian Gardens Clubhouse into a millionaire’s play haven. Little Coeo by Bella Morcen, and Bella Morcen Films grabbed their equipments and documented the entire event so that Iago and Carlos could add more core memories with them as they grow up. Now, let’s call our chauffeurs and head on to the party!

Dress to impress! Grab a bow tie at the registration booth and Herbert Arthur Runcible Cadbury will meet you at the entrance. Dollar sign topiaries stand at the sides of a green arch with our birthday boys’ names plastered on top. Green, and gold are the colors of wealth, and indeed, the perfect color palette for this celebration.


Do you ever wonder what people do with their extra money? Well, sometimes they use them as ceiling decorations. Gold and green fringe garlands cascade the ceiling, with dollar bills and lanterns created a very fun, and lively mood which I’m sure both the kids, and adults loved.


There’s nothing posh-ier than a mansion and a gold car as stage decorations. The Rich family is on stage to watch over all the guests and to make sure that they’re all having a splendid time. Details like sacks of money, and giant gold coins makes a world of difference in materializing this theme.


Different shades of green meshed well together for their table set up. A small vault spilling gold coins was such an adorable take on a Richie Rich themed centerpiece, along with a thick wad of cash. There can never be too much money, right?


We all know that money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a cake that can always make people happy. This cake was worth every penny seeing how much detail and effort went into creating it.


Their dessert spread looks so extra – extra cute and extra delish! Even their cakepops, cupcakes, and cookies which lined the tablescape looked like a million bucks!


Everyone left with a small token of the birthday boys’ appreciation which also serves as a reminder of what a blast they had at their party.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Styling : The Party Project Manila | Photo : Little Coeo by Bella Morcen | Video : Bella Morcen Films | Host : Erney Arcilla | Entertainment : Abe Golden Show | Venue : Corinthian Gardens Clubhouse

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