Atara’s Royal Princess Themed Party – 2nd Birthday

Fairy Tale Theme Party Ideas


Every little girl dreams of being a princess at one point, from wearing a sparkly tiara to a beautiful ballgown, and spending hours in their fairy tale world. As for our little Atara, this dream became a reality with the help of Events by Popping Parties and Style it Dainty! A “Once upon a time” moment that she will cherish as she lives happily ever after. Come and make haste because we’re about to embark on a journey to Atara’s magical world through these beautiful photographs by Nest Photography.

Royal guests will surely be excited to enter the party at the sight of the castle towers complete with dainty details like fresh pink roses in miniature golden carriages.


Simple yet chic is how one can describe the ceiling installation. Floating lanterns and crystal details lit up the venue. I can’t help but remember the lantern scenes in Tangled where the Queen and King launched thousands of lanterns in the sky every year to celebrate the birthday of Princess Rapunzel and to hopefully guide her home one day.


All the key elements of a princess party are in this adorable stage setup. A castle, a carriage, and pretty flowers all in one place!


Princess Atara’s cake is one of the most swoon-worthy detail at the party. It is a three-tiered edible piece of art made by Cakeables with elegant details from the bottom right to the top.


This fancy desserts nook looked perfect for a royal ball! The sugary treats were wonderfully matched with the theme, and not to mention, the small details were pretty spot on!


Of course, a celebration wouldn’t be complete without fun games. Jollibee and Hetty also prepared a dance number to entertain everyone.


These thoughtful tokens were given to the royal guests at the end of Atara’s birthday soiree. Customized tote bags for the little princes and princesses, and a “Sleep Like a Princess” balm for the adults.


Sharing some of the wonderful family portraits of Atara and her lovely parents looking all happy.


Vendors who made it all possible:
Styling: Events by Popping Parties and Style it Dainty | Photo: Nest Photography | Cake and Desserts: Cakeables | Venue: Jollibee Green Meadows

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