Alessia’s Sweet Hippo Ballerina Themed Baptismal Celebration

Who would have thought a hippo can dance? Or better yet, do ballet? Our friends from Bespoke Manila made this cute pachyderm and terpsichorean theme happen for Baby Alessia’s baptism celebration and we can’t contain our excitement. A sweet hippo ballerina as party theme? Yes, please! We’re talking about cute hippos donned in tutus ready to give us a serious dose of ballerina bliss in this chic and pretty in pink baptismal celebration.

Let’s start off with the invitation which comes with salmon-colored hearts and laces. That cute gray hippo poses flawlessly in her tulle skirt, making Alessia’s invitation even remarkably fun and oh so girly!


One can’t miss the dreamy white parasols gracing the venue. The lacy intricate details of these loveliness were equally complemented with ribbon chandeliers that brightened up the place and made it look even more airy.


Sweet hippo ballerina plushies adorned each table, with soft fairy lights, a beautiful floral centerpiece, and matching dainty parasols that mirror the ceiling décor completed the perfect look of this event. Rosy ribbons as chair accent and a pair of ballerina shoes encased in glass were the cherry on top.

tableBtable (10)tabletableA

The cake in itself is a sight to behold! Embellished in peachy pink ruffles, this adorable hippo makes an even better arabesque than I do. I’d give her a perfect 10!


A charming dessert spread filled with ballet-themed concoctions will make you want to give a little twirl of sugar-rushed happiness! Cookies in the shape of ballet flats, cake pops disguised as pointe shoes, cupcakes topped with dancing hippos in tutus, with pretzels, marshmallows and gummies in charming pastel pink overflowed in Alessia’s flower-festooned dessert buffet.

sweets (1)sweets (2)sweets (3)sweetsBsweets (7)sweets (11)sweetsA

There’s a delightful cheese and fruit platter set up for the guests. An adorable heart-strewn burger stand also round off the entrees for the party.

food (3)food (2)

A garden-like gallery features Alessia’s endearing black and white photos, flourished with the same adorable elements found in the table centerpieces. Who wouldn’t miss that huggable ballerina stuffed toy? This makes a perfect back-drop for guest photos!


Tiny rosaries made of freshwater pearls served as precious keepsakes for this memorable event in Alessia’s life, just enough to remind everyone that blessings indeed come in small yet adorable packages. Aren’t these en pointe? (Pardon the pun!)

baptismal (4)

Let’s do a few pirouettes as a sign of thanks to Adrian Ardiente for sharing with us these beautiful photos from the ceremony.

baptismal (1)baptismal (2)baptismal (5)baptismal (3)

Quite a wonderful-looking family indeed!

family (13)familyfamily (8)

Suppliers who made it all happen:
Stylist: Bespoke Manila // Photographer: Adrian Ardiente // Cake, cookies and cupcakes: Sugarplum Pastries // Food: Manila Polo Club

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