Andi’s Wizard of Oz Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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Are you ready to go somewhere over the rainbow? Yes? Then wear you cutest ruby-red slippers and click your heels three times as Andi’s enchanted party take us to Land of Oz. A book that just never get old, each page is filled with adventures, magic and friendship. Dorothy’s story brings out the little child in all of us making it so much more appealing whether in book, movie or as party theme. Styled by Monique Carlos of Little Matters, I still ... .

Lexie’s Matryoshka Doll Themed Party -1st Birthday

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If you’re thinking of other ways to add more color to your doll themed party then here’s something that might interest you – Matryoshka or the Russian Nesting Dolls. From the charming vintage paper dolls to the very dainty Kokeshi dolls, Matryosha dolls inject a different kind of whimsical feel and personality into the party. With its bold and bright appearance, I love how it instantly amp up the festivity of the whole event without loosing a ... .

Cailey’s Posh Garden Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a garden themed party indoors? Opps... what? I have always believed that choosing the right venue is essential to the overall outcome of the party but then again, there are others who are willing to take things a step further. With flowers, vines and a handful of bird cages, the creative team of Events by Dave made Cailey’s party an impressive garden style affair to remember. Covered by Little J ... .

Thirdy’s “Up” Movie Themed Party – 1st Birthday


While more and more parents tend to favor a more vintage-y setup when it comes to their child’s party, with a doubt, bright colors and balloons still have its own brand of charm that simply emanates fun and cheeriness to any occasion. Inspired by the movie “Up”, Thirdy’s adorable birthday bash is definitely full of colors, cuteness and all around loveliness. I also like how sweet, fun and laid-back everything looks! Styled by Eye Candy Creative ... .

Brandon and Olivia’s Back-to-School Themed party – 1st Birthday

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Before I begin, let me just cross out this adorable theme off my party bucket list. When I first saw some of the wonderful snaps from Brandon and Olivia’s party, I instantly sat a little straighter. First, the party was styled by the awesome Luxe Parties so I’m really looking forward to see lots of beautiful details strategically placed all throughout the venue. Secondly, this is such a cute theme! Who couldn’t relate to such charming theme, ... .

Rebecca’s Boho-Chic Owl Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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We’ve seen this theme in every pastel color combination possible. It looks so soft, gentle and precious, right? Yes and I guess you’ve also seen it countless times by now. Today, Nette of My Little Attic Studio will show us the other side of owl parties that will definitely leave us starry-eyed. Making it extra fun and gorgeous, Rebecca’s Boho-Chic Owl party is what I call the “avant-garde” version of this well-loved theme. By injecting a more ... .

Celebrations Fair 2014

celebrations fair 2014

Children’s parties have come a long way from what it used to be. Before, a simple birthday cake, party hats, and a handful of balloons is already considered a lavish celebration but now a full-blown party consists of meticulous party details, elaborate food & desserts, themed lootbags and fun entertainment. Some would even go as far as having a full production party complete with professional entertainers, LED Wall backdrop and lighted stage! ... .

Tiffany’s Dainty Carnival Themed Party – 1st Birthday


How time flies! Last October, I was very fortunate to share with you Tifa’s Japanese inspired christening celebration (here). This time around, this little miss is going to grace this blog once again with her delightful first birthday bash. Nothing brings more excitement than a carnival and Party Magic captured every happy vibes while adding a fun girly spin to this all-time favorite theme. Using the sweetest hues of cotton candy color palette, ... .