Joaquin’s Little Rascals Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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I got so excited when this party was given to me because this movie was one of my favourites! Every 90’s kid would remember this gang and their adventures. I bet they even dreamt of being a part of The Little Rascals! Baby Joaquin’s first birthday relived the 1994 movie with a bit of modern twist. Styled by Party Magic, everything looks wonderful! The ceiling was decorated with paper lanterns mixed with red, white and pink tassels. The ... .

Brent’s Little Archer Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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Birthdays seem more enchanting when you are a kid. And for the spunky archer who just had an action-packed bash, they probably always will. I adore Brent’s little archer bash thrown by his mom and dad. The sunlit setting of The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion was perfect for the theme. It has huge glass windows, an expansive area, and a breezy atmosphere which evoked a sense of being within the forest that an archer encounters during his adventure. ... .

Matteo’s Peter Pan Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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Hello dearies, how does a trip to Neverland sound? Good? Ohhh no, it’s going to be more than that because Matteo’s Neverland Adventure is ♪ uber impressive ♫. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this theme for parties. There are just so many interesting things/plots to explore in this story. We’re talking about exciting adventures, enchanting creatures and of course, the charming characters, you'll never go short of inspirations for this theme! ... .

Fiona and Freja’s Fancy Nancy Themed Party – 1st and 7th Birthday


Bonjour! They’re so fancy; you already know, remember their names… Fiona and Freja! These two sisters chose the theme Fancy Nancy for their party and may I say - C'est Magnifique! Fancy Nancy is a children’s book by Jane O’ Connor. She’s a young girl who adores all things extravagant. (For more info about the story read this link). Adding a dash of Paris-glam to this party complete with some lovely sweet desserts, their party is just as charming ... .

Summer’s Peppa Pig Themed Party – 3rd Birthday


Nick Junior is airing a show with anthropomorphic mammals as their characters; with human attributes but still showing their animalistic side. Peppa the pig is the lead role in this popular series; it depicts stories about their daily lives like playing, studying and other activities which normal children their age would do. Our celebrant chose this theme for her party - unique and cute, isn’t it? Her name is Summer Lily, perfect for this season! ... .

Chelsea’s Sweet Shoppe Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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When you’re craving for something sweet but can’t have them (read: damn calories!), posting a party that showcases its goodness is the next best thing. For Chelsea’s party, it has all the sweetness, cuteness and everything in between that truly made it a party to remember. Who am I kidding here? Pink, ice cream and lots of desserts, this has “Party Doll Manila Approved” written all over it! Styled by Party Magic and wonderfully captured by Little ... .

Ree’s Katy Perry-Inspired Candyland Party – 1st Birthday


It’s not a teenage dream but a baby girl’s dream that came to life as she had a Katy Perry-themed party. With an explosion of pastel-colored goodies all over the venue, this sweet and colorful birthday bash is simply fabulous. We all know what a candyland party looks like and of course, who wouldn’t know Katy Perry? Expect overflowing sweet treats plus Kay Perry’s flamboyant persona, Ree’s party will surely bring out our sassy alter ego ASAP. ... .

Caleb’s Outer Space Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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If you want a time out from nautical or traveler themed parties for your little dude then maybe you might want to give this fun theme a try. With a similar boyish charm than those of other transportation themed parties, this theme will definitely take your guests in an out of this world adventure. Using rocket ships, astronauts and the solar system as the focal point of their decorations, NY Giftworks did a pretty amazing job with the setup. With ... .

Zara’s Baby Gatsby Themed Party – 1st Birthday


“Dress like Jackie. Act like Audrey. Inspire like Lilly. Party like Gatsby.” When we think of kiddie parties, we think of brightly colored balloons, fun cartoon characters complete with a lively host shouting on top of his lungs. Right? With glitz, glamour, and opulence as the very essence of this theme, Zara’s baby Gatsby-themed party evokes a nostalgic emotion that will definitely leave us in awe. You see, I for one is a big fan of ... .