Andi’s Vintage Paper Doll Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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My heart is swelling over Andi’s dainty vintage paper doll themed party coz the details are simply fabulous. Styled by Kathleen dela Merced of Spark + Twinkle, every element was superbly done right down to the small details! The various paper doll dress cut-outs to the life-sized paper dolls used at the stage gave this party an instant charm. Since I’m no stranger to playing paper dolls myself, this is one party theme that I wouldn’t get tired of ... .

Qaleesi Game of Thrones Inspired Party – 1St Birthday


Finally, the HBO hit series “Game of Thrones” makes a surprise appearance here in blog today and I can't contain my excitement. It's a theme that I have been longing to feature and I am glad that Qaleesi’s party is worth the wait. Seriously, I am very jealous of this one year old little girl for having such a gorgeous birthday fête. To begin with, the celebrant’s name fits perfectly to the show so naturally this became the jumping off point for ... .

Gavin’s Curious George Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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Why the cute-ness keeps coming in, eh? If you’re all for children’s book themed parties then here’s another wonderful idea. Using red and yellow as its base color palette topped with some hues of blue and brown, it doesn’t get any happier than this. With cute little monkeys and bunch of bananas lying around the venue, the amazing team of Ava’s Cakes and Party Shop is back with their own version of this popular children’s lit – Curious George. A ... .

Lexie’s Baby Elephant and Tutu Themed Party – 1st Birthday


Two words: Dainty and Sweet. Lexie’s baby ellie and tutu themed party oozes with so much cuteness I don’t know where to begin! After all, we don’t see these 2 undeniably adorable themes combined all the time. Using the lovely hues of pink and gray, the details brought together by Style City simply makes Lexie’s girly fête a party to share. Showered with the right amount of details, don’t expect to see the usual over the top decors seen in other ... .

Mateo’s The Hobbit Themed Party – 1st Birthday


Any J.R.R. Tolkien fans in the house? Then this next party will surely get your groove on. Taking us to a new level of adventure and fantasy, Mateo’s The Hobbit themed party is wickedly amazing in so many ways. With details that got my head spinning with excitement, they have everything covered right on the dot! Taking inspiration from the different elements of the book, I just love how they adorably create each and every one of them. It is as if ... .

Julissa’s Spring Picnic Themed Party – 1st Birthday


Ah, Spring. The wonderful display of colors from Mother Nature at its finest, who can resist such beauty? While we don’t have spring (season) here in the Philippines, I don’t see why we can’t enjoy its beauty. So when Atty. Chelsea sent little J’s party, I was quite intrigue on how they managed to pull it off. Mixing lots of colors and different fun elements, Julissa’s Spring Picnic themed party is bound to be lots of fun. Who says ... .

Mako’s Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure Themed Party – 1st Birthday


Here’s a well-loved classic book that was wonderfully brought to life thanks to Party Magic. With daring pirate adventures together with a little help from the enchanting fairy, Tinker Bell, this party is in full swing right from the doorstep. It’s no wonder this party captured the heart of their guests, everything looks fun. Choosing to go with a more rustic take on this theme, it’s such a pleasure to see different whimsical elements perfectly ... .

Bea’s Pat the Bunny Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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I’m so delighted to share Bea’s sweet party! With a clean and streamlined approach to the overall concept of this event, everything turned out to be refreshing and simply stunning. A charming intimate affair with an even cuter theme – Pat the Bunny, every photo makes my heart swell with sunshine. If your little one is in to “touch and feel” books, chances are you already know this book by heart. With over 7 million copies sold worldwide, I’m so ... .

Samara’s Enchanted Garden Party – 1st Birthday


Amidst all the hustle and bustle of everyday city living, the idea of an enchanted garden popping right in front of me sounds dreamy. Though I know that it’s quite impossible, I’m glad that Samara’s party is here to give us a glimpse of gorgeousness that captures the whole fairy land ambiance. With the perfect mixture of whimsy, fantasy and dainty-ness, the magical world of Samara’s enchanted garden party comes alive with the help of Party Magic! ... .