Adam’s Surf’s Up Summer Party – 1st Birthday

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The sun is up, warm summer breeze and sand in our toes, yep, these hot summer months would have us dreaming of days spent on a beach. While some of us can’t, I hope Adam’s Surf’s Up Summer party will take us to our dream getaway even for a little while. Complete with waves and surfboards, beach balls and adorable themed snackaroos, Adam’s party captured the whole fun and warmth of the summer season into one kickass summer shindig. Carefully ... .

Hannah’s Boho Chic Themed Party – Baby Shower

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Welcoming a baby into the family is the best thing that can happen to a couple! When women hear they are going to be a mother, they start to invest in lots of baby gears, stock the house with diapers, and take careful notice of the cravings and baby bump! A baby shower is the perfect way for expectant moms to celebrate the new phase of their lives and share the joy of becoming a mother. It is also a time to receive parenting advice from friends ... .

Simon’s Golf Themed Party – 1st Birthday


Fore! One stylish golf-themed par-tee is being featured right now and it’s making me giddy. It’s time to practice your swing and let’s make Simon’s golf-themed party a hole in one! Sprinkled with preppy-ness and a dash of fun, this party captured the theme impeccably. Using lots of green to create an outdoor-ish vibe inside the venue, the makeshift golf cart, golf ball paper lanterns and mini golf course-inspired table centerpieces made this ... .

Ella’s Krispy Kreme Party – 9th Birthday

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Finding a tot who doesn't love doughnuts is like finding a needle in a haystack. I mean, what child would not want something that melts in his or her mouth? And if you really want the best classic doughnuts the only one that hits his or her lips, Krispy Kreme is the best place to go. No matter what types of doughnuts you love, Krispy Kreme has them! And because they believe that doughnuts can make your shindigs memorable and exciting, their shops ... .

Daniel Padilla’s Preppy Pool Party – 20th Birthday


When it comes to celebrations, some people want to keep them small and simple, while others want it big and lavish. Celebrities – people known to have a great deal of money to their names – usually love to go all out for special celebrations like their birthdays. Even so, there are still some A-listers who forgo the complicated party plans and celebrate with family and few friends – like this young male icon who knows that there is no better ... .

Morgan’s Butterfly Themed Party – 1st Birthday


Butterflies are one of nature’s most enchanting creatures. What little girl or boy isn’t fascinated by the fact that a crawly caterpillar transforms into something as beautiful as a butterfly? The beauty and whimsy of butterflies are captivating to children of all ages. With springtime in the air, bringing a butterfly theme to life is a great choice for shindigs to get all your guests a flutter! I go a little crazy with Morgan’s first birthday ... .

Jaime’s Aviation Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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Airplanes betoken adventure and high hopes for the future – one reason why shindigs inspired by planes are a popular choice for an adorable first birthday bash. Mom Jennifer Luna took that notion of planes and decided to take to the high skies when it came to planning her son’s first birthday bash. She had teamed up with Bambi Hernandez of Alice’s Wonderland who designed this blue, red, and white theme filled with ideas of decorations and ... .

Raine’s Secret Garden Themed Party – 7th Birthday

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You are now summoned to the grand birthday celebration of Raine. You will enter a magical world filled with adventure, elegance and fun. The first time I saw this set, I was in awe! Filled with details big and small, they really made it look so special. With hanging flowers, secret doors and flower crowns, this enchanting party was simply breath-taking. Thanks to the talented team of Party Avenue Ph, the lovely Fernwood Garden was made even ... .

Linnea’s Alice in Wonderland Theme Party – 1st Birthday


How wonderful! We’re back to wonderland once again but this time to celebrate Linnea’s very merry birthday party! One of the things I love about this theme is that you can go craaazy with the decorations and it will still be very much welcome and expected. For Linnea’s party, think Tim Burton - outrageous and whimsical. Did that catch your attention? Styled by Khim of Party Deco, this made me so intrigue. I mean have you seen the parties she ... .